Saturday, April 26, 2014

Natural Cures for Depression Explained

In this short article I want to cover three questions that may be in your mind when you think about natural cures for depression:

1. Why is a natural cure a good choice?

2. What different cures are there?

3. Will they help you or not?

Are you depressed and looking for a cure? These days doctors automatically subscribe medication which may or may not work for you. Counselling may also help but again it may only be a short term solution as the problem causing the depression needs a cure not just talking about or dealing with. If counseling takes this into accont and aims to get at the central problems and causes fine but this is after a kind of natural cure in itself.

Medication carries with it lots of side effects but natural cures for depression do not.

What different kinds of natural cures are there available?

Food. Bananas, soy foods, turkey, low-fat dairy foods can help improve your mood by lifting the levels of seratonin in your brain. Omega 3 foods such as tuna and other fish, purslane, nuts and oils can reduce tiredness and stress. The fewer refined foods you eat the better, natural foods are healthy and will help lift your depression.

Herbs like St. John's Wort work wonders and can in a matter of days give you a natural lift. It's certainly worked for me!

Exercise is hugely effective and actually makes you happy. Fight the urge to be lazy and demotivated and push yourself to exercise.

Supplements. You can take B vitamins, Omega 3 oils and other substances to help.

Depression is a disorder that one way or another lives in your brain so it stands to reason that anything you can do to help your brain work better will help. How do you help your brain? Food we've already talked about but there's also the matter of resting the brain and protecting it from stress. Stress really comes from the brain's reaction to what is happening to you. It is related to your thinking. So relaxing your thinking and slowing down your thoughts can have a great benefit.

Meditation is fantastic. It relaxes you and takes you away from unrelenting negative thoughts and refreshes you.

Yoga can help combat stress and make you feel physically alive and well.

Sunshine gives you vitamin D and unleashes a peaceful, happy mood within you.

These are not the only natural cures for depression but are the ones that are most well-known because they actually work.

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