Monday, April 21, 2014

An Effective Way to Stop Your Divorce - Recognize 4 Signs of Mild Depression

Depression is a major reason for marriage problems and divorces. It can cause good marriages, between two good people who really care and love each other, to fall apart. It doesn't directly cause divorce but, indirectly this is what happens.


One of the couple begins to suffer from this debilitating disorder and the "non-sufferer" tries to be supportive and to stay by their side. The condition is not properly dealt with and it intensifies. The "non-sufferer" feels tremendous loneliness and feels a tremendous burden to run the family single-handedly. It becomes too much for them to handle and they become worn down and then some big marriage problems begin.

In this article, I will show you how to identify the symptoms of mild depression so that you can catch the depression "in the bud" before it escalates into major depression and stop your divorce.

1. Changes in personality. One of the telltale signs of depression is when the person feels gloomy, short tempered, and very impatient. Men might physically fight over insignificant matters. Women might begin to cry or sob for no apparent reason. If your spouse who is normally patient, gentle, and happy, shows very untypical behavior, he is probably suffering from depression.

2. Difficulty to concentrate. Another revealing symptom of depression is when the person has difficulties to concentrate and becomes very indecisive. He lacks the energy and the focus to "think things through" and to properly assess situations. She can therefore make some very bad mistakes (and expensive) mistakes at work. It might even be difficult for him to understand the obvious plot on a television show.

3. Low self-confidence. When the sufferer of depression begins to realize what is happening to him, then he begins to lose confidence in himself. What do you expect? How can he be confident and sure in what he does when he starts fights over nothing or makes one bad and costly decision after another? This lowers his self-confidence, which in turn pushes him deeper into depression.

4. Change in sleep patterns. This symptom has two totally opposite guises.

Sometimes it causes the person to sleep excessively; they go to sleep early, they get up late, and in addition to this, they also take a nap in the middle of the day! However, sometimes, it causes the complete opposite; they have trouble falling asleep, they wake up periodically in the middle of the night, and they wake up very early in the morning.

Although changes in sleep patterns have two opposite guises, don't be fooled, they both are the result of the same disorder - depression.

Depression can wreck havoc even in the best marriages and can destroy solid families. If you see that your spouse shows any of the four above symptoms, then don't hesitate, and look for help as quick as you can. If you catch depression in its beginning stages, you will be able to stop your divorce from ever happening and once again have a happy functional marriage.

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