Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Depression in Teens - Is It the Same Story With Your Children Too?

Is your teen behaving in an uncanny manner and trying to avoid you all while sulking most of the time he/she is in your company? Teenage is the time when a person suffers from a lot of hormonal changes in the body and thus, they often go through feelings like irritation, hyperactivity, low energy levels, suicidal thoughts and even rebellious.

This is very common but if you find that your teen is suffering from bouts of depression then it is time to ring the alarm bell! No parent can see their child suffer from depression or other negative feelings but this is also true that the teens hate parents interfering in their personal lives or asking questions when they pass through such a phase. Trying to understand a depression teen is a tough task, and a single mistake can cause your teen to repel all your moves.

If your teen too is suffering from depression and is either protesting or sulking for a major part of the day then it is time that you change your behavior towards him/her. You cannot expect your child to be the same small baby all the time - you need to exercise extra caution while trying to find out the real reason that causes depression in your teens. The very first thing that you need to find out about your child is whether they are into any type of addiction or not.

Do not confront them directly and instead check it out with their friends and classmate - you are sure to land up with some good clues. Try not to restrict your teen's movements and let him/her express himself/herself, whenever they wish to.

You need to extend your helping hand to your child, so there is no reason in treating them badly in front of your guests or their friends. Try to get them involved in various types of family activities so that the negative hardly ever come to their minds. You can even take the help of your family doctor if things worsen due to some reason.

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