Friday, January 3, 2014

Manic Depression Cure

Throughout the medical community great minds are coming together trying to piece together a manic depression cure. Manic depression strikes thousands of people across the world and is perhaps the most dangerous form of depression. Marked by extreme highs and lows manic depression can first show itself in a number of ways often which include violent outbursts or even physical confrontations. No one is one hundred percent certain what causes depression much less manic depression. Some people first develop this illness early on in life while others may be much older before experiencing symptoms. It takes a close eye to differentiate between standard depression and manic depression sometimes referred to as bipolar depression.

People suffering from manic depression often times lack self control which can lead to unwanted consequences. Everyday tasks such as sticking to a budget can be overwhelming. Everyone has mood swings at some point in life. This is no surprise; however a normal person has what I will refer to as safety nets in their mood swings. If you think of your moods like a roller coaster ride your happy moods being the high points in the track and your depressed moods being the low points a normal person would be comparable to the kiddie coaster. A person suffering from manic depression however would be comparable to the mac daddy of roller coasters with the highest points being 1000s of feet up and the low points digging deep into the earth. Their emotions are like a runaway train gathering more and more steam in whichever direction they are traveling so when a normal person will only get so sad a manic depressed person will go beyond that point toward the suicide line. The same goes for their happy moods, they can experience greater highs than you or I might be accustomed to and this can be as dangerous as the lows. Often times when riding one of these highs the person may feel a sense of invincibility thus encouraging dangerous or illegal behavior. One common trait amongst the people I've known suffering from manic depression is large shopping sprees. In my mother's case she would go to town with the home shopping network while a past boyfriend of hers would buy cars he couldn't afford. Imagine impulse buying on steroids.

People suffering from manic depression have a tough road to travel each day but imagine their lives with a manic depression cure. What would it be worth to change these people's lives in such a positive way? Manic depression not only tears the person suffering it apart but it can have a detrimental effect on everyone who comes in contact with that person ranging from close family members to co-workers. It is important that we continue to support research into depression so that one day those suffering can live normal lives again.

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