Saturday, December 7, 2013

Signs and Symptoms of Depression You Should Know About

Depression can be a very debilitating disorder, and is commonly overlooked as something minor. There are many aspects of life that depression affects, including social life, work life and well-being. Many people try to tell someone dealing with depression to just snap out of it, or force your way to do something. However, things just aren't that simple when you're dealing with clinical depression. At some point in time in everybody's life they will experience depression, but clinical depression is much different, and it is something that stays with you throughout your life. For people who don't have clinical depression it can be hard to understand exactly what the person is going through.

The following are some common signs and symptoms of depression:

Changes in your thinking: often times someone who is dealing with depression will find that their thinking patterns have changed. You may also find that it is harder for you to concentrate or focus on anything. Decision-making can often times become more difficult simply because you don't care anymore.

Changes in your feelings: when you're in the midst of depression your feelings will often change, you may notice that the biggest change would be in the way of feeling very sad all the time. You may also notice that things that once used to bring you pleasure have stopped doing so.

Changes in your behaviors: you may also notice changes in your behaviors during periods of depression. One of the major changes you may notice is that you start to seclude yourself more often. Entering into a state of seclusion for long periods of times can be very damaging to both your mental and emotional health. You may also notice changes in your appetite whether it be eating more or eating less, as well as a change in your sleep which could be sleeping more or sleeping less. You might also notice a decrease in personal hygiene and a decrease in your sexual drive.

Changes in physical well-being: you might start to notice that you are having a problem with chronic fatigue even though you're getting more sleep than usual. You may also find that you lay awake and are not able to fall asleep at all. There are also times that you may feel physical pains, such as stomach pains, and aches and pains in your neck, shoulders and back.

These are only a few symptoms that someone with depression may be experiencing, there are many more signs and symptoms that you can go in-depth with that are not mentioned here. If you are having any of these signs or symptoms that are lasting for more than two weeks it is advisable to seek out professional help. If you know someone who is experiencing these symptoms it may be in the person's best interests that you recommend the person seek out professional help. This is just a general overview of symptoms of depression there is so much more to learn and understand about depression.

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