Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to Deal With Depression

It is natural for a person to feel sad and blue in certain moments of his or her life. Various types of problems, death and loss of someone or something you truly love are just few of the reasons why you may feel sad, and it may continue to become depression if you are not able to overcome it. But worrying about being depressed will not help, as it can only aggravate the misery you are experiencing. Instead, if you want this kind of emotional dilemma to pass, there are several self-help ways you can follow on how to deal with depression. Below are the easy ways to help you with your journey towards successful recovery from depression.

1. Identify the signs of depression

Being able to determine if you have signs of depression is the essential first step towards combating this emotional problem. Listed below are signs associated with depression, and if you have some of these, then it will be best to start seeking for professional help.

• Your everyday life is not functioning normally.

• Feeling of sluggishness and fatigue every time you are doing something

• Feeling blue for two weeks or so

• Constant sadness and emptiness and easily wanting to cry

• Insomnia or sleeping a lot than the usual

• Pessimism and thinking that your life is hopeless anymore

• Thinking about or attempting suicide

2. Establish supportive and healthy relationship

Now is perhaps the best time to get support from people you love and trust, as they play a big role in encouraging you to lift up your spirit a little higher. Recovering from depression is difficult to do and maintain on your own, as loneliness can only make it even worse for you. At first, you may feel that reaching out to friends and family can be exhausting and overwhelming but just stay focused and always remember that people around you care a lot for you.

• Talk to friends and relatives. This is just one of the best ways on how to deal with depression, as it lets you share and express what you are currently experiencing to the people you trust the most.

• Join a support group. This process will let you learn more about what you are feeling as it gives you connection to people who are also in the same place as you are. They can give you the encouragement and advices that you really need.

• Engage in social activities. This self-help way of coping with people encourages you to be around people, lessening the times that you will isolate yourself from the world and feel sad again.

3. Start doing things that you previously enjoy doing.

The next great way on coping with depression is try to do things, no matter how small they are, that truly make you happy about yourself. If you were into arts before, why not do artworks where you can express your feeling? If you enjoy music, try to listen to songs about depression such as Beautiful World by Carolina Liar, Any Man in America by Blue October, Counting Crows' Come Around, Crescent Noon by the Carpenters and a lot more. Listening to them can somehow make you realize that you are not alone in this battle, thus inspiring you even more to get through with it with flying colors.

4. Learn how to take care of yourself again

This is a basic step on how to deal with depression that you can easily follow. Some of the healthy habits you can start doing without costing you a lot are:

• Get 8 hours of sleep

• Exercise. Take a short walk or jog every day.

• Get out. Feel a little sunlight every morning.

• Eat healthy.

• Learn some few relaxation techniques.

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