Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tips For Surviving Long Distance Relationship Depression

Surviving long distance relationship (LDR) depression can be even tougher on you, because of the obvious distance and lack of closeness you feel with your partner. I'm going to cover some tips I found helpful when I was suffering from LDR depression at times in my life.

Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

I was trying to cope with being upset, and I didn't want to ruin the conversation with my partner. So I planned my grieving time earlier so I could get it out of my system before our nightly talk. Planning time to deal with your long distance relationship depression is key to avoiding it altogether. Remember, you can spread LDR depression easily by having a few 'downer' conversations with your partner!

Share A Passion With Your Partner

I found a good cure for my long distance relationship depression, was to share my passions with my partner. I loved talking on the phone or over MSN with web cams. When I had heartfelt conversations with my partner, the distance became closer. I forgot about my LDR depression until I hung up the phone or turned off the laptop. I had to draw on those warm and caring feelings in the times we couldn't communicate - and this helped me cope with my LDR depression.

Trust, The Building Block Of Every Long Distance Relationship

I was in denial about trust being a factor in my LDR depression. I really didn't believe that I didn't trust my partner while being away. I had grown a low self-esteem while my partner was away, and that was a contributing factor to my LDR depression. I found through sharing passion with my partner, I could see, hear and feel their love and affection for me. This helped me immensely with my LDR depression.

Express Your Dreams And Desires

While I was suffering from long distance relationship depression, I needed to open up more, express my love and affection for my partner as much as possible. There are so many ways to express affection: emails, phone calls, text messages, e-cards - but what about your dreams and desires. When I put something unique into my feelings and showed them to my partner - my LDR depression was minimized and I felt empowered.

Assumptions - They Make A Something Out Of You And Me

Assumptions are deadly when dealing with LDR depression. When I assumed things, I would get my mind into a tizzy about it. I'd forget what the actual issue was, or what my partner had 'really' said to me. Never assume, get the facts!


Put yourself first and remember your own needs. You may be so busy trying to meet your partner's needs that you're neglecting yourself. Neglecting yourself leads to you getting burnt out emotionally, and that leads to long distance relationship depression.

Take care of yourself.

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