Monday, November 18, 2013

Overcome the State of Clinical Depression

People say that, "when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile". But the line only looks good in a book, in real life it is a little difficult to follow. When your life is in the soup of misery, even a fake smile is difficult to get. What do you do when you find so much unhappiness around, people dying out of poverty, there is no job, and people don't earn enough to feed their families two times a day properly; how will they manage to smile? Let's discuss the situation in our own homes. There is a sudden mishap and your whole world comes crumbling down. What do you think the immediate reaction would be, to smile and move on? No. human emotions are not that strong. Depression is more likely in such occasions than anything else.

Clinical depression is basically of two types: one that comes due to a series of situations that happen in life or something that one is born with. Clinical depression is basically a phase in life or a mental state where the person feels that the whole world is against him and at times even suffer from a problem where he feels that people are conspiring against him and are trying to kill him. He gets panic attacks, in extreme cases the person is even kept locked inside a room by his family members because he gets so violent. For the ones who take on depression due to certain happenings in their life, they feel that everything in their life has come to an end and becomes very suicide prone. Clinical depression can also be a result to constant failure in life and the person comes to think of it that he is a failure, a loser and that it is better to end their lives as he is in no way able to support his family.

The people suffering from clinical depression generally get addicted to drugs to be able to participate in normal daily activities. There addiction is so intense that whenever they miss a dose, they feel that they won't be able to stand up properly, they start sweating, headaches and nausea feeling are common. The person might even faint. Frequent mood swings along with becoming abusive are common. They generally become less popular among friends and are always in a disgusted mood, they also become lethargic towards doing any work.

The people who suffer from clinical depression require a lot of care and patience to be handled. Parents and close friends specially should understand and take charge of the situation and instead of shouting and disowning them should spent time with them, try to feel their pain and what is the kind of problem that is pushing them to this state of depression. They should try to make them laugh and keep them in good mood and also gather strength to help them come out of this situation.

No situation in life can be so grave that one cannot come out of it. Your strength lies in your inner self, spent sometime to discover that and you will always come out as a winner in every situation in your life.

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