Saturday, November 16, 2013

Am I Depressed? Recognizing and Treating Depression Naturally Without Side Effects

Each and every modern human has had occasion, at least once in their life, to ask themselves: Am I depressed? Although feeling down, or feeling blue is a part of every life, most people are not really clinically depressed. However, when the feelings of sadness and emptiness turn to a permanent state of despair, depression is likely to be the reason.

Every life has its ups and downs, and everyone has mood swings to a greater or lesser extent. Feeling sad, or mourning loss, is also a normal part of living. Although we do say I feel depressed for feelings of general disappointment and sadness, they are nowhere close to clinical depression. People suffering from clinical depression describe it as living with depression as "living in a black hole". And the feelings are more of lifelessness, emptiness, and apathy rather than outright sadness.

The next time you think "am I depressed", examine if the feelings you are talking about are making it difficult to perform your normal functions in society. Are you losing interest in friends, hobbies and all the activities you enjoy normally? One of the best ways to identify and deal with depression is to learn to recognize the signs, and symptoms, and then learning of ways to deal with the problem.

There are some common symptoms that can be indistinguishable from the normal lows of your life. The factor, of course, is how many of the symptoms you have, how strong they are, and how long they have been a part of your daily life.

So every time you begin to think I feel depressed, consider whether these symptoms are causing a breakdown of your functionality, whether they are disabling your social and emotional life. If they are, you need to seek help. However, the symptoms of depression can vary a great deal and may not be obvious. It might manifest simply as a general feeling of malaise and listlessness, without any apparent reason. If the symptoms begin to interfere with your work, social life or family life, for long periods of time, it is a good idea to get help.

To know the answer to am I depressed conclusively, identify the signs and symptoms, check whether they are chronic, and see how many are present. If it seems as though you are suffering from clinical depression, try natural remedies, homeopathy, or medication. The common symptoms of depression are

* Changes in sleep patterns. This could be either insomnia or lack of sleep, sudden waking in the early morning, or hypersomnia or oversleeping
* Problems concentrating. You could have trouble focusing on daily tasks, making relatively simple decisions, or remembering things. Tasks you found easy previously might now seem difficult
* Losing interest in daily activities such as hobbies, pastimes, and social activities
* Feelings of helplessness, a bleak outlook toward life, a hopelessness that makes you think that nothing will ever improve your situation
* A total inability to control or get rid of your negative thoughts
* Psychomotor agitation feelings of being "keyed up" or retardation, feeling sluggish and slowed down
* Sudden unexpected appetite or weight changes like a significant gain or loss of weight in a month amounting to more than 5% of body weight
* Intense feelings of worthlessness, guilt, or self loathing, as a result of over criticism of faults you see in yourself, and mistakes you think you make
* Unusual irritability and short-temper
* Feelings of constantly being fatigued and drained, with small, daily tasks seem to be exhausting
* Chronic but vague aches, pains, headaches, or digestive problems
* Constipation,
* Reduced or absent sex drive
* Slowed movement or speech
* Changes in the menstrual cycle in women
* Sudden drop in performance levels at work
* Not wanting to take part in social activities
* Wishing to avoid contact with friends
* Difficulties cropping up at home and in family life
* Crying for no apparent reason
* Suicidal thoughts that life is not worth living

If you get have a "yes" answer to three or more of the symptoms listed above, try a natural supplement before turning to drugs. All drugs have side effects and some can even make your symptoms much worse, while a natural supplement will give your brain the nutrition it needs to restore the production of feed-good neurotransmitters and put an end to chronic negative thinking and constant am I depressed concerns.

Left untreated, depression can last for years, and impair your functioning and sense of meaning in life, and even lead to suicide. So whether you choose homeopathy, drugs, antidepressants or natural remedies, do get help.

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