Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Physical Symptoms of Depression Can Be Relieved By Your Thoughts

Physical symptoms of depression are very real. People who suffer from the misery handed out by the depression misery monster don't just feel bad mentally; they endure physical symptoms of depression too.

But just because physical symptoms of depression are not figments of a sufferer's imagination doesn't mean the mind can't stop the symptoms. In fact, the mind is the best tool to use to stop physical symptoms of depression.

Many depression sufferers don't realize that many of their physical complaints are caused by depression. But the sad truth is that depression can cause multiple physical symptoms, including:



--Muscle aches

--Back pain

--Digestive troubles

--Chest pain

--Sleeping problems

--Changes in appetite and weight

Because many of these physical symptoms of depression can have multiple causes, many people don't realize that their suffering is caused by depression.

Even though these symptoms are by no means "all in your head" as some doctors might suggest, you can still use your head to help heal the symptoms. Remember that your mind is the master switch for your entire body. Your mind, or more specifically your thoughts, can generate massive bodily changes.

If you don't believe that, think about jumping out of an airplane. If you love the idea of skydiving, the idea of jumping out of a plane will create certain physiological changes in your body. You'll feel your heart rate quicken. You'll feel excited. This feeling of excitement is caused by actual chemical changes in your body.

If you hate the idea of skydiving, you'll have a very different reaction when you think about jumping from a plane. Your palms may start to sweat. You may have trouble catching your breath. These are also physical reactions. Caused by your mind.

To relieve physical symptoms of depression, you must start using your mind in a positive way. Here's the easiest and most effective way I know to use your mind to help alleviate depression's physical symptoms. Begin to use your mind to show you what I call Mini Mental Movies.

Depression is about a negative thinking loop. When you're depressed, you can only see the dark side of life. Focusing on that dark side releases chemicals in your body that causes the symptoms you don't want. If you can start focusing on the lighter side of life, you can change the chemistry in your body.

Of course, simply trying to "feel good" when you're depressed is a lost cause. But you can use your imagination to create little feel good scenarios.

As often as possible, imagine yourself in some situation that you would love to be in. Pick something you want. Imagine it in great detail. Make the scene big and bright and put yourself in the middle of it.

These Mini Mental Movies can completely change your physiology. I know because I've used this technique with great success. I used to experience severe suicidal depression. Today, I'm depression free.

The best way to relieve depression is get your mind and body working together. Using pleasant mental images give your mind the power to shift your body's chemistry so you can relieve physical symptoms of depression.

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