Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Depression in Teens is Unfortunately a Common Occurrence

The depth of the depression is what needs to be addressed. It's very normal for a teenager to feel down every so often as that is something all humans feel and is completely normal. If the teen is showing other more serious signs of depression though, help should be sought as soon as possible by a professional counselor, physician or both.

One of the signs that a teenager is suffering from depression is that he or she may start isolating themselves they may show a lack of interest in friends that they've always otherwise enjoyed spending time with. They may retreat further away from family activities. These signs, if they continue for any length of time are indicators that the teen is suffering from depression and needs help. If the teen has always enjoyed doing a specific hobby but loses interest in it, or begins to make lower grades in school then usual they may be depressed. The parents or guardians may notice that the teenager sleeps more and more keeps their room dark and can't seem to feel happiness or excitement about anything that goes on around them.

If these symptoms are observed there is help available. Learning about the signs of teen depression can save lives and is one of the first steps in getting the appropriate treatment. Although many people use the term "depressed" for all sorts of situations, true depression needs to be acted upon as quickly as possible. Due to the technology we now have available many forms of depression in teens can be treated with a wide variety of medications, counseling and learning about the disease itself.

Unfortunately many teens that are suffering from depression don't, for any number of reasons, get the professional help they need and may get so depressed that they consider committing suicide. Because the teen feels such a deep despair and hopelessness, they can't see that there is anything good in store for them in the future. Persons that have never suffered from depression may have a hard time truly understanding how a teen can feel so helpless, but keep in mind it is part of the disease itself and not a shortcoming in the child. They can't control it without proper medical attention. Seeking immediate help for the depressed teen may help save their life. There are many counselors available and the teen's physician can help steer the parent or guardian in the right direction to make sure the teenager gets the proper help.

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