Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What Are the Most Common Manic Depression Symptoms?

When manic depression symptoms are left undiagnosed and untreated for a long time, they can lead to many other more serious problems that can be threatening to one's mental and emotional health. For this reason, learning how to identify the signs and to differentiate them from other types of depression is truly very important.

Identifying the Symptoms

Before we enumerate the typical signs, you have to understand that this particular type of psychological disorder is very different from clinical depression or ordinary anxiety. It is actually a more severe variety of the illness, although the symptoms may be quite similar, but to a more serious degree. That said, it is crucial that you seek professional treatment as soon as you notice that you are going through these manic depression symptoms.

Possibly the most distinguishable sign is the frequent switching between extreme highs and extreme lows. For example, a manic depressive person may sometimes appear to be ecstatically and inexplicably happy. The same individual may also go into sudden fits of rage or depression, also without apparent reason. There is no telling when and where these switches can happen. Oftentimes, there is even no logical reason for them at all. Along with these erratic behaviors, manic depressive individuals may also express constant irritability and may easily get annoyed or exhibit violent reactions to seemingly ordinary events.

Another manic depression symptom that is quite common but not as obvious is the notion of grandeur. People experiencing this condition may believe that they are very famous or powerful individuals. Some may even have convinced themselves that they are super heroes of some sort.

Disconnected With Reality

In a similar vein, individuals are also usually disconnected with reality and may seem to have their own system of logic, which is nothing like the logic that most people recognize. They tend to speak incoherently and in disjointed sentences, all of which apparently make perfect sense to them. They also speak quite rapidly, which is probably due to their radically increased energy levels.

Due to their inability to think rationally, manic depressives will not be capable of making sound decisions, even for the simplest things. If their condition is not treated right away, it can worsen to a point that the damage might become irreversible. However, if the manic depression symptoms are identified and treated right away, there is a high probability that the person can go back to living a perfectly normal life.

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