Friday, February 21, 2014

Is a Depression Test Worthwhile?

Depression, whilst hitherto was considered a mental problem, these days it is rightly recognised as a disease and one that can affect anyone. Indeed, with the day to day pressures of the modern world, its grip is becoming firmer every day with a multitude of people affected. The depression test has been developed by the psychiatry profession to diagnose a sufferer. However, whilst most people are more than happy to seek advice from there doctor or the medical profession, there seems to be a stigma attached in consulting a psychiatrist.

Is there a need for the Depression Test?

Whilst the depression test has its place and can be very accurate we all have observation skills which, if we know the signs of depression, we can use to provide our own diagnosis and alleviate the need for a depression test. The common signs of depression are:

1. A continuous feeling of sadness, anxiety or simply an "empty" mood.

2. Sleeping much more or less than is usual.

3. A reduced appetite / weight loss or an increased appetite / weight gain.

4. A loss of interest / pleasure in activities that you once enjoyed.

5. Feelings of irritability or restlessness.

6. Ailments such as headaches, chronic pain, or digestive disorders that don't respond to treatment.

7. Having problems concentrating, remembering, or making decisions.

8. General fatigue or lack of energy.

9. Having feelings of guilt, hopelessness or worthlessness. 10. Thoughts of death or suicide.

Of course, if you are displaying any or all of these signs of depression, a depression test would confirm your diagnosis but either way, it is extremely important to seek early medical advice to treat the condition.

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