Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oxycodone Abuse Warning Signs - Save Your Friends And Loved Ones From An Addiction

At the present moment, there is a tendency of people abusing prescription drugs and it is with no doubt that Oxycodone is the most abused. This is due to the fact that this drug has a very high degree of addiction since it belongs to the opiates group. Most of the people who abuse this drug find themselves drifting in the habit unconsciously because it can also make a person dependent on it very quickly.

The story usually begins with a prescription that has been written because of physical conditions that require pain to be moderated and relieved. This drug usually gives the abuser a euphoric feeling that can be equated to being drunk.

There are many warning signs that give away a really serious Oxycodone abuse case. There are circumstantial clues that can b an indication that you or your loved one is in big trouble. It is common to see signs of depression that are incorporated with instability of emotions. This is usually more common in teens so parents have to be aware of the signs that their children exhibit.

Another sign is when they are more involved in finding new doctors all the time. This is due to the fact that this drug is only obtainable through prescription so they must change doctors in order to maintain a constant supply.

Another notable warning sign is when a loved on completely disassociates with their own feelings or even friends. Mostly, they will have a care free attitude and will care less about things that they previously cared about. It is also possible to find abuser with feelings of confusion since this is an effect of the drug when it is abused.

In addition to this, you will notice a general mood change and abusers will not enjoy activities that they previously enjoyed. Their whole behavior will change for worse and you may find them not performing their duties as before, missing school and even missing work. You will generally get complaints from co-workers or teachers on the abuser's drop in the level of performance.

There are also numerous warning signs that are of a physical nature that you will also be able to detect. One of the biggest signs of abusers of Oxycodone can be found in their eyes. You will generally find that they have small pupils and their eyes in general will be blood shot most of the times. Another sign that you should also look out for is tiredness and sleepiness.

This is usually brought about by the strength of the medicine. Since Oxycodone is very strong, it makes the people that abuse it to become very tired and feel sleepy most of the times fro not reason at all.

There are also other signs that you can also look out for which include general weakness of the body, nausea & vomiting, clammy & cold skin, seizures, feelings of dizziness, clumsiness, slowed breathing which can lead to comas & death, sleeping frequently especially at odd times and sweating profusely.

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