Monday, December 16, 2013

Will Fish Oil Remove Depression Symptoms?

Many have asked, 'Will fish oil remove depression symptoms? What is the best fish oil depression dosage? This article will help answer those questions.

A number of clinical studies report that a depression treatment is safe and effective. Some studies indicate that it is as effective as traditional anti-depressant drugs. But, it does not cause the negative side effects that those drugs cause. In this article, you can learn about the fish oil depression dosage that is recommended by a doctor of naturopathic medicine, but it is important to mention that depressive feelings can be serious.

Get Professional Assistance

If you suffer from this problem, you should be under a doctor's or counselor's care. It is important to have your symptoms evaluated to see just how serious the condition is. If you consult a doctor of naturopathic medicine, you can still elect a fish oil depression treatment or other natural remedy. But, counseling is highly beneficial, too.

Depression Symptoms

There are many things that can cause depressive feelings, including life changes, medications, health problems and nutritional deficiencies. Stress and pressure at work or home can cause the problem, too. There are physical, as well as mental symptoms. The physical symptoms may include headache, backache, and itching, blurred vision and stomach problems. An appropriate depression dosage can help with those things, too. It has natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory activity. It is good for the digestion and for the skin's health.

Fish Oil Dosage

The appropriate depression dosage depends on the amount of omega3 fatty acids that are in each capsule. For example, the better products provide 500mg of omega3 fatty acids per 1000mg of oil. Three capsules per day are generally recommended for adults.

In addition to a depression treatment, there are other natural remedies. For example, SAM-e has effects that are very similar to conventional anti-depressants. Since it is a nutrient that is naturally present in the body, there are no unwanted side effects. The amino acid 5-HTP has been beneficial for many people, as well.

You might be wondering just how a fish oil depression dosage could be effective. Researchers have attempted to explain that by looking at the chemical reactions that occur in the brains of animals. What they have seen is that it is something like "feeding" the brain's cells.

They began to investigate a depression treatment when it was noted that low blood levels of an omega3 fatty acid called DHA were found in people that suffered from the condition. Later research revealed that suicide victims often had low levels of EPA, another omega3 fat. Of course, there are life situations that sometimes trigger suicide, including a build up of stress. But, when there are no "outside" reasons for the condition, we have to look at the inside of the body.

A good oil dosage will provide both 360mg of EPA and 840mg of DHA. This amount has been used in some clinical studies. But, remember, your body needs complete nutritional support. It is difficult to get all of the support that you need through diet alone. A fish oil depression treatment can be effective alone or in combination with SAM-e and 5-HTP. Again, consult an appropriate health provider.

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