Thursday, December 12, 2013

Spiritual Transformation Through Chronic Illness - By Kathleen Gardiser - Book Review

I believe we all desire to live in spiritual harmony. Fundamentally we yearn for equanimity within our souls. "Spiritual Transformation: Through Chronic Illness," by Kathleen Gardiser is written in a "Been there, done that" tone. Gardiser writes about her struggles with her own health; physically, emotionally and mentally. She describes how her chronic illness fibromyalgia, has affected her life to the point of writing a book not only to help Gardiser get through her own illness, but to help others who are suffering and need assistance.

The first lesson you will learn when reading this book is to change your consciousness level. This is done by emphasizing the five core spiritual qualities: Love, joy, peace, self-empowerment, and wisdom. If you just simply follow this philosophy of life the reader will gain much spiritual fulfillment. She quotes Paramhansa Yogananda, "We must love others not for their human personalities, but because they are manifestations of God, who dwells equally in all."

Many topics are covered by the author such as mediation, yoga exercises, chakras, rebuilding self-esteem -- and one lesson that really stood out for me was lesson IV, How to Know and Trust your Intuition. After reading this chapter, I can see clearly that coincidences no longer appear to be simply random events. Instead they feel like winks, smiles, and hints from a benevolent intelligence. Gardiser uses some beautiful examples of divine synchronicity, such as an adoption story from "It's A Miracle," which really warmed my heart and opened my mind to make room for the possibility magic exists. She identifies plenty of practical wisdom with her engaging stories of her own personal battles within the pages of this book and how she overcame them with confidence. You will find her own beliefs and ideas on how we create unhealthy patterns in our lives as well as exercises that I found helpful in releasing and replacing those patterns with new and healthy ones.

"Spiritual Transformation: Through Chronic Illness" is easy to read and feels like a friend is giving you guidance. Wisdom is added to the friendly, no-nonsense feel. Efforts to bring home the message are made with "various exercises," and a list of questions at the end of each lesson, where the author goes over the key points in the chapter and gives readers a particular assignment to complete and makes the idea a reality for that particular chapter. You will also find at the end of the book appendix I and II which I found to be very beneficial and an added bonus.

This book is a soulfully interwoven journey that dives deeply into the adventure of self-exploration. It reflects all of life's internal issues on multiple levels and is jam packed with plenty of real substance. "Spiritual Transformation: Through Chronic Illness" will be especially helpful for people at a crossroads in life, career or at important life stages and of course anyone suffering a chronic illness.

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