Friday, December 27, 2013

One Sided Love Can Hurt

This love business can be a darned nuisance, can't it? Mind you, at my age, it really doesn't affect me anymore. I suppose there's always a chance that a gorgeous young lady of about 35 with the figure of a goddess might come along and sweep me... get real, you silly old fool.

Now, I'm very happy to say that it's never happened to me. Oh, I used to see some beautiful young girl and start daydreaming. Surely we've all done that. Ladies, too, are no different. They see some magnificent hunk and start wishing he'd take her in his strong arms. The chances are, though, it stops there.

Unfortunately, there are a minority of cases where it doesn't stop there. I read of a case where this lady fell madly in love with this chap at work. She made no attempt to approach him. They were both married, but this poor woman became besotted with the man.

She reported that she'd dream of him at night. Oh, they were on speaking terms. He was always very polite, a thoroughly nice chap. Her one-sided love for him, though, caused her actual physical pain. One sided love can hurt. This lady genuinely used to do her best to dodge him, try not to see him, because once she did, she'd be unable to eat, sleep or concentrate on work.

Now, although this unrequited love can hurt terribly, it's most unlikely that there's any physical danger involved. Depression and anxiety are two other conditions that may arise because of unrequited love. Most certainly depression, because you'll be brooding about one thing, one person, and there isn't a thing you can do about it.

This can become very serious and end up with you in hospital, suffering from clinical depression.

There's always the risk of obsessive love, man for woman. If this man is normal in every other way, and simply broods over the woman with whom he thinks he's in love, then that's fine. But he may not be normal. In his mind, this woman should have thrown herself into his arms by now, but she hasn't. More direct steps must be taken.

He starts following her home and this could lead to an actual physical attack.

But let's go back to our little lady who's madly in love with her colleague at the office. Obviously, he's handsome, or at least has a very pleasing face, to her, anyway. But what are his hobbies? What's he like as a friend? Is he kind and gentle? Oh, in her mind, of course he is, but is he in reality?

There's going to come a time when she really does start to feel ill. At that point, she has simply got to do something positive about it. One of the best ways is with self hypnosis. Project your mind into the future. See what's going on there. Then look back on the present, and you'll really wonder why you're throwing your life away.

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