Sunday, October 20, 2013

Using Reiki to Alleviate the Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Dealing with depression can be lonely and devastating. Depression manifests in many ways depending on the individual. Once you're in its grips, any chance of recovery may seem hopeless; it seems as though there is no escape from it. Most people who suffer with depression alleviate the symptoms with prescription meditations but there is an alternative approach to treatment that is centuries old.

This ancient remedy is called Reiki.

Reiki, which is spiritually guided Life Force Energy, heals on both an emotional and physical level. Its results are profound and deeply healing. With Reiki, you are inviting spirit to help heal you through a Reiki practitioner who places their hands on or above your body.

Reiki has healed virtually every illness known to man and its results are truly life-changing.

A Reiki treatment brings about a feeling of peace, warmth and relaxation. Many people have felt more than one set of hands on them during a treatment - which of course is spirit assisting the practitioner. This is not an uncommon occurrence during Reiki.

Reiki removes energy blockages and negativities from the mind and body and replaces them with powerfully healing Life Force Energy, which animates all living things. Without Life Force Energy, we couldn't survive.

When the Life Force Energy in our body slows down and becomes stagnant, illness, sickness and disease occur. Reiki energy enters the body and breaks up and releases stagnant energy, replacing it with healthy vibrant energy.

Beating depression doesn't mean a lifetime of prescription drugs. You can fight depression by taking a holistic approach. Reiki is truly a powerful and deeply healing alternative.

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