Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Natural Cures For Depression and Anxieties

Anxiety attacks are common reactions to conditions or situations that makes a person nervous or uncomfortable. It is borne out of several stress factors like pressures from home or work, financial troubles, relationship issues. Anxiety may be evident in various trigger points the one common factor that characterizes them is the feeling of fear or worry. It is normal for people to be anxious, however, at certain levels, anxiety can be debilitating and distressful that it is considered as a disorder.

Many people who suffer from anxiety also experiences depression at one point.They feel so hopeless and develop irrational fear of dying.

To relieve the symptoms of anxiety some people use prescription medications without realizing that it can be habit-forming to a point of addiction.

There are, however, natural cures for anxiety depression. Scientific research prove these methods to be effective during the early stages of anxiety.

Instead of prescription drug, opt for herbal medications instead. Those made of natural ingredients like valerian, passionflower or kava help in calming the nerves. Herbal medications also come in tincture and essential oils or cream that can be applied directly to the skin or pressure points.

Another natural cure for depression anxiety is exercise. By taking 30 minutes to an hour a day exercise encourages good blood circulation. Meditation an yoga enhances proper breathing and relaxation. Sometimes, hypnosis is also used to calm the nerves.

But psychotherapy is the best natural cure for depression anxiety. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and exposure therapy are the most popular and effective types of therapies. Through these methods, the person learn to recognize, control and manage the causes of his anxieties. It has a more permanent cure to anxiety by targeting the cause, and not only in relieving the symptoms.

Always consult first with a mental health specialist before undergoing any treatments for anxiety. Every individual has different ways of coping with anxiety and the guidance of a licensed professional will always be helpful.

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