Saturday, September 28, 2013

Child Obesity and Depression

Child obesity and depression are not alien with each other. In fact the two, more often than not, always go to together. When there is child obesity there is a possible presence of depression. When depression is prevalent, most likely obesity is expected to be present too. Child obesity and depression are two of the most debilitating health problems that have affected more children than before.

The number of children suffering from the ill effects of obesity is increasing which is conversely proportional to the rising number of children suffering from depression. Though it has not been established that the main cause of depression is obesity likewise the sole contributing factor of obesity is depression is yet to be proven, but the link between child obesity and depression is so clear that its needs immediate attention.

Obesity among children can be traumatic. It causes social stigma, which makes children withdrew from socializing with their peers. Children may develop a poor self-image of them and continue to harbor thoughts of not being liked at all. Because society views obesity as something negative and unwanted, obese children are incapacitated to interact with children their age. They tend to shy away from children's group activities. Their ability to think creatively is hampered, thus they become too dependent. They prefer staying at home than spending time with their friends. These scenarios may already be early signs of depression. Any indication of depression among children is alarming, which must be corrected right away.

Depression regardless of its cause can also be a cause of obesity. Children suffering from depression stay at home more often. Since they have difficulty relating with other children they prefer to stay at home and watch television instead. They become couch potato. They have the tendency to eat more than what is being required of them. If this continues these children will gain weight above the ideal weight for their age. Overtime, these children become obese. They have less time engaging in physical activities too, which could aggravate their weight problem.

Child obesity and depression seemed to be inseparable. Regardless of which comes first obesity and depression should not be taken for granted. Statistics from health organizations show that today more children are suffering from depression and obesity or both.

Programs that are geared towards improving the lives of children should be implemented. Quality living should not be deprived from them because it is their right too. Child obesity and depression has to be stopped.

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